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At The Dysautonomia Project, we know managing autonomic disorders can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created DysCourse: Tools for Managing Autonomic Disorders! DysCourse is a special patient and caregiver event that puts vital education directly in the hands of those who need it most. Whether you’re diagnosed or undiagnosed, a caregiver, friend or healthcare provider, DysCourse can help you better understand autonomic disorders through an array of educational topics taught by some of the world's leading specialists.

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DysCourse is held in honor of Christina Tournant, a vibrant young woman who was told it was “all in her head." She was left unvalidated and hopeless due to lack of education in the medical community and ultimately took her own life. DysCourse seeks to provide everyone impacted by dysautonomia with the education, empowerment, and hope that Christina never received.

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The Dysautonomia Project is the global leader in dysautonomia education with a mission to educate healthcare professionals, patients and communities.

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DysCourse is funded by donors like you! Your support of TDP's mission helps provide education to patients everywhere. Any amount makes an impact!

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